Bird & Wag: Peter & Tricia Berkow featuring special guest Joe Craven

with the Ruckrich Duo

Besemer Concert Hall
11417 Red Dog Road, Nevada City, California
$20 general admission

Bird and Wag is a concept as much as it is a band

Built around Tricia and Peter Berkow, this mis-matched pair breaks all the rules of musical convention — and somehow works. Featuring an ever evolving cast of side musicians, including Jim Miller, Dale Price, Josh Hegg, and Joe Craven, their songs blend humor and pathos with tunes that defy categorization … unless jazzy, funky, dance in your seat with joy and laughter – but first, let’s hear this beautiful ballad — is now a category.

The performances merge Peter’s sandpaper-rough baritone with Tricia’s delicately voiced stylings to create a yin/yang sound like no other.

“Tricia Berkow’s ‘silky’ voice and Peter Berkow’s ‘true showmanship livens up the crowd” – Carey Wilson: Chico News & Review

“Bird & Wag: Come for the laughs and stay for the chops” – Alan Chamberlain — Chico Currents Podcast

“Berkow still owes me $ 50 from that night at Duffy’s Tavern, when he bought everybody beer, and then bummed cash to pay the tab.” — Dan Carter KZFR Radio

“A pinch of vaudeville and a sprinkle of a Broadway Show.” – Jeffrey Fox, Chico Enterprise-Record

“A distinctive style worth noting.”– Don Menn, Guitar Player Magazine

“One of my all-time favorite Chico acts…” – Lorraine Dechter, KCHO Radio & KHSL Television

Tricia Berkow brings 35 years of experience as a professional pianist and singer from a non-secular environment (including twice earning “Best of Chico” awards for “Best spiritual music”) into their banquet of sounds.

Peter Berkow (a renowned producer who has created CD, DVD, an PBS projects with dozens of artists, ranging from Tommy Emmanuel to Dan Fogelberg to Rodney Crowell to Bela Fleck to Dave Brubeck) brings his skills as an arranger and writer to the table.

Included in these projects is the nationally syndicated PBS Joe Craven special.

“Of all the world-class artists I have worked with as a producer, my collaboration with Joe Craven to produce his television special was the most satisfying. That makes the rare opportunity to perform with him on stage even more gratifying. ” — Peter Berkow PBS Producer

Phil and Django Ruckrich are more than just a father and son duo:

This is a partnership of heartfelt song writing blended with virtuoso picking.

The lyrics, penned by father Phil, hearken back to classics by artists such as James Taylor or John Lennon. The mandolin, fiddle, and guitar flourishes added by 15-year-old protégé Django add a flavor of musicianship usually heard from session players seasoned by decades on the road.

“Django Ruckrich has been my student now for about five years, and I’m running out of things to teach him. The student will soon pass the master” -Joe Craven